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How to choose a watch: models that suit you
The value of hours is determined in different ways: in some families they are inherited, and then in principle the question of choice is not worth it. Someone chooses the clock, relying on the price: the more expensive, the better, and there is also nothing to prompt, for there are brands that meet this requirement and satisfy this demand.

However, if you would like to choose a prestigious, stylish, but also functional, then here we have a couple of useful tips.

Which clocks to choose

Even if we take into account all possible types of wristwatches, nevertheless, on both sides of the same line, they can be correctly divided according to the principle: digital and analog. The latter are those with arrows. They are considered "classical", and such wristwatches are chosen by those who lead an appropriate way of life, which can be characterized as "measured".

Digital wristwatches can choose fans of sports style, active and active young people. By age, by the way, some also find a regularity: the classic is after 35 years, the "figure" is up to.

How to choose a watch

The modern world is not so long ago replenished with the category of "smart hours", and these models shook the niche of the clock as a whole, pulling on more than one blanket. At the same time, they try to conform to the canons of the genre established by the centuries, so that the user does not have to make radical decisions about himself.

Among them there are analog models that will satisfy some buyers, and, of course, digital, aimed at a wider range of customers, and even expensive and branded. Brands - there is nothing left, as partially to follow the updated laws.

If you want a branded watch - please

The most famous in the category of smart watches from premium brands are the citizen watches eco-drive and Tag Heuer models . These are not the last, as you understand, names in the watch industry, but the first of those who responded to the modern trend.

citizen decided to follow the traditions more, and the smart watch of this brand - with the arrows. The smart mechanism is enclosed in the case and sends data to a special application. Tag Heuer bets on digital models and has already released several such ones based on the Android Wear operating system.

Brand watches are fashionable

There is another category of "brand" watches. Here we are not talking about the brands of the watch making world, but about the LifeStyle category, but the names that will sound will not be denied in popularity, popularity, prestige, etc.

This is citizen watches eco-drive. who even before this released watches, also turned to a new niche. Do for them are other manufacturers. The main ones are Fossil Group and Movado. These manufacturers own some of the rights to the watches of famous brands.